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TemaTürk is a subsidiary of Alix Trade Yazılım San.Tic.Ltd.Şti. It is a global company established to develop mobile applications, primarily web applications, websites, marketplace platforms, advertisement systems, and special software projects.

With its experience in information technologies, it offers solutions for every budget in web software, web hosting, domain name registration, international and domestic sms and all other digital service areas.

tematürk; Although it has completely adopted domestic service activities in its establishment, as of December 2019, it has started to operate internationally by creating infrastructure and automation systems from scratch. It carries out joint projects with companies that it has international partnerships, produces projects and provides services both to our country and to foreign countries. He is a partner in universal companies such as TemaTürk, Themeforest, Digital Atelier, odoo, which produce professional software in many languages ​​and work on these software.

With the sectoral knowledge and experience we have acquired in web software for a long time, we provide a point-to-point solution with completely user-oriented, impressive and interesting visual design and projects that have been thought down to the finest detail. Considering all the possible variations and fine details in our software, we manufacture accordingly.

Hassle-Free Service - Continuous Support
When you choose TemaTurk products, you should know that; TemaTürk is a private company that does not provide a service that it will not receive for anyone else. It is sincere and tries to be friendly with its customers as a company that answers every call, does not look for time to help, is not money-oriented but satisfaction-oriented.

Reasonable Price - Quality Service
In all of our products and services, taking into account the market conditions and conditions, service content and qualifications are evaluated, and the minimum possible price policy is applied. In this way, you will have quality and trouble-free service at the most economical prices.

Completely Special Studies!
All of our software are products that have been appreciated and even awarded in many countries of the world. The interfaces (Themes) we use in our software are products prepared by our professional solution partners, and their Turkish translation is constantly updated.

We will be happy to see you in TemaTürk family.

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